White Paper: First Annual CISO Research on Challenges and Buying Trends: A Focus on Prevention

Peer perspectives on cybersecurity give you an opportunity to evaluate your organization’s current state and initiate discussions about your strategy, staff and budget. To collect data, Nuspire recently conducted its first annual survey with 200 chief information security officers (CISOs) and IT decision-makers (ITDMs). We explored pain points, priorities, the purchase process and product/service awareness.

Only 4% of CISOs and ITDMs manage all of their cybersecurity needs in-house, so outsourcing clearly is a big part of cybersecurity plans and programs. But CISOs say budgets are somewhat constrained by senior leaders who aren’t invested enough in the issues. As a result, they’re willing to spend money to outsource only certain aspects of cybersecurity.

Given the challenges and concerns of CISOs and ITDMs, their views on outsourcing priorities are mostly sensible but surprising in a few areas. This white paper presents highlights of the research. Read on to discover what’s top of mind for CISOs and ITDMs, including:

  • Top CISO challenges, such as hiring/retention, employee training and remote work
  • CISOs’ four security must-haves when it comes to outsourcing services
  • The priorities CISOs prefer to tackle in-house

What Makes This Research Compelling? Duo™ MaxDiff

We gathered information using two methodologies: (1) traditional survey questions that ask respondents to choose one answer or all that apply, and (2) the Duo™ MaxDiff approach that asks respondents to make a choice based on two dimensions of interest instead of one.

In this analysis, the dimensions are “most concerning issues” and “most likely to outsource to a cybersecurity provider.” Duo™ MaxDiff increases survey accuracy, enables the greater differentiation that leads to actionable results, and helps identify the order and magnitude of results across a quadrant of dimensions.

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