Endpoint Detection and Response

In any industry there is a growing number of endpoints, and managing those multiplying endpoints is a challenge. We helped a Global Enterprise Monitor and Protect their Franchisee’s Endpoints and they can now see endpoint activities such as process execution, network communications, file access, applications and encrypted web traffic.

For franchisors, managing multiplying endpoints is a difficult task, given that they do not own, manage or have authority over their locations and their endpoints. Since many franchise organizations have hundreds, or even thousands of locations around the world, this poses an even more difficult challenge.

One global parent enterprise was faced with this challenge and didn’t have enough time or resources to effectively monitor the activity at each of its endpoints.

They had visibility into their network, but not enough resources to manage the output from the data gathered. Instead, they had a small IT team that was focused on making sure all the proper technology was functioning, which didn’t allow the team to monitor and manage the network 24×7.

When organizations including Wendy’s and Jack-in-the-Box made headlines due to breaches—and the damage made to these famous brands was apparent—this parent enterprise decided to act and ensure they had the expertise and team in place to mitigate threats from entering their network.

With a small IT team, they knew they needed a solution that would augment the current team and handle all the monitoring and managing of its endpoint, which led them to Nuspire.

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Download the Resource