On-Demand Webinar: CISO-centric Security Trends and Lessons from 2021 featuring Forrester

As a CISO or rising cybersecurity executive, designing a security program that considers today’s sophisticated threat actors while meeting your unique business needs, risk level and budget can be challenging.

In this on-demand webinar featuring J.R. Cunningham, Chief Security Officer at Nuspire, Michelle Bank, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Nuspire, and guest speaker Jess Burn, Senior Analyst from Forrester Research, you’ll hear firsthand about the latest trends, priorities and themes you should consider when crafting or modifying your security program.

During the webinar, speakers covered:

  • The top security technology trends, priorities and themes CISOs consider when designing or adjusting their security program
  • How to determine gaps and overlaps in security technology
  • The latest security technology and where it’s heading in the future