Nuspire 2023 Q4 2023

Environmental Impact Report

Cybersecurity for a Better Tomorrow: Nuspire's Sustainable Approach

Safeguarding More Than Just Data

At Nuspire, we don't just work to mitigate risk, we also mitigate our environmental impact. Through our work with Comprenew, we not only safely dispose of equipment, but also our efforts support our local communities.


Units donated through our Connect All Michigan Program in 2023

Bridging the digital divide for under-served communities


Trees planted through our partnership with OneTreePlanted

Based on computer sales


Employees hired through our AWARE Team (Adults with Autism Recycling Electronics)

Workforce training program

Top Device Categories in 2023

This pie chart shows the primary categories of devices Nuspire recycled in 2024, highlighting our efforts with Comprenew to manage technology waste responsibly and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Materials by Quarter

Our Q4 Impact Report is summarized in this bar chart, detailing the scope of our environmental contributions. It includes the total devices processed, the weight of materials recycled and the reduction in toxic metals, reflecting Nuspire's commitment to reducing environmental impact and supporting community initiatives through our partnership with Comprenew.

Why Nuspire?

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This report is published by Comprenew.