October 2023 myNuspire Release Notes

Wondering what’s the latest with Nuspire’s myNuspire platform? Each month, we’ll publish release notes detailing new features and functionality. Check out October’s myNuspire release notes below. And if you want to learn more about myNuspire, you can visit our product information page 

Threat intelligence enrichment & cases 

myNuspire’s threat intelligence platform (TIP) is now integrated to enhance the context of Case information. As of this release, available threat intelligence enrichments are automatically posted in the far-right column of a new Case. As incidents are detected on behalf of your security products, detected IOCs from within the content of the events will attempt to be enriched by the TIP integration. 

Image screenshot of myNuspire's threat intelligence platform (TIP)


Join us in beta testing our latest myNuspire features 

Our new opt-in beta functionality is now available to all users. Beta Features are features ready for customer feedback, but may be experimental and could change. If you want to check out the latest features myNuspire has to offer, use the steps below. You may also opt out at any time. 

Steps to join: 

  1. Open the user profile. 
  2. Scroll down and toggle on BETA FEATURES. 

In-app feedback submissions coming soon. 

Image screenshot of myNuspire Beta Features


BETA Feature: In-app notifications 

Receive in-app notifications for various events that occur within the platform. In-app notifications currently apply to events around shared dashboards, tasks and user management. 

This is currently an active beta feature and will become available after opting into the Beta Features functionality. 

Image screenshot of myNuspire in-app notifications


New Azure-based connection enhancement for O365 

A new connection has been created to support managing your Azure cloud accounts. This initial integration supports functionality for Azure AD user actions from within Data Explorer. The initial actions support locking and unlocking a user with a temporary password, as well as clearing active user sessions. 

We’ll soon offer a dedicated Azure AD Data Explorer view for viewing and managing AD users. 

Image screenshot of myNuspire showing new connection to support managing Azure cloud accounts.


Editing Case Contacts 

You may now change the contact person associated with a support case. Communications related to case updates will be sent to the case contact and any contacts on the case watch list. 

Image screenshot of myNuspire showing feature to edit case contact 

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