Q3 2020 Threat Report Findings

Join John Ayers, Chief Strategy Product Officer, and Greg LesnewichRecorded Future’s Senior Intelligence Analyst, as they discuss the increased malware activity and other threats observed in Q3. The seasoned cybersecurity pros will also share what remediation techniques can best protect your organization from these recent threats. 

Wednesday, November 18 | 1pm ET


John Ayers
Chief Strategy Product Officer


Greg Lesnewich
Senior Intelligence Analyst
Recorded Future

Keeping up with and applying the latest threat intelligence is critical to evolvyour security program to combat new attacker techniquesOur new Q3 2020 Threat Landscape Report defines shifts in attacker trends since Q2 and provides recommendations for combatting increasing threats. Discover why malware activity spiked 128% while a subtle increase in exploit activity was detected.  

Join Nuspire’s John Ayers  and Greg Lesnewich of Recorded Future as they reveal the findings from this new report. Together, they will examine threat intelligence collected and analyzed from Nuspire’s 90 billion traffic logsingested from client sites and associated with thousands of devices from around the globeThe security pros will also discuss how to apply third-party threat intelligence to contextualize events and enable proactive threat hunting. Attendees will gain threat hunting insights and remediation techniques to best protect your organization. 

Join this webinar to learn: 

  • The latest threat themes and attacker techniques 
  • Why malware activity spiked 128% since Q2 
  • How Microsoft Word macros use VBA to create Powershell commands and execute them 
  • Best practices to combat emerging threats 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn tips, cybersecurity best practices and more from field-tested threat intelligence experts.  


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