Retailer Infrastructure Support Environment (RISE) Program

Welcome Subaru retailers! Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started with the Subaru RISE program.
SubaruDT Co-brand Nuspire

Subaru of America, over time, has introduced technology applications to its retail network in support of selling and servicing Subaru products. In 2016, Subaru of America took the next step to advance cybersecurity protection of the brand and its retailers by implementing the Retailer Infrastructure Support Environment (RISE). RISE exists in multiple forms and is part of the essential tool program. In an effort to match the appropriate type of implementation, we would like to make certain you have the ability to contact Nuspire to discuss options.

RISE delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides for a broad base of protection within the retailer infrastructure and the SDS network
  • Supports current and ongoing retailer programs with optimal cyber protection
  • Provides a clean, consistent guest Wi-Fi experience separate from service/sale networks
  • Provides robust reporting showing security concerns and opportunity for improvement through a master portal


Elements of the Program

Anti Virus SIEM Icon

High-end wireless internet

Firewall Icon

Fully managed secure firewall

MSSP Lock Icon

Proactive security
services to protect retailers and their data with portal access

Global Security Icon

24/7/365 monitoring to alert the retailer when there is an issue and how to resolve it

SubaruDT Pre-Retailers

Next Steps

If you are a new retailer and would like to speak to Nuspire about initiating the process ahead of time, please reach out to Marvin Kay, Client Executive at Nuspire for Subaru of America: 877-782-7404. He will provide you information to answer your questions and get appropriate resources to have a conversation with your technical team.
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