WDS (Wireless Detection System)

Nuspire's Wireless Detection System (WDS) provides the next evolution in managed security services visibility by offering detailed wireless access point reporting and potential rogue access point detection on Local Area Networks.

WDS delivers network security protection from unauthorized - or rogue - wireless devices plugged into your network. Many regulations such as PCI DSS specifically cite the need for rogue access point scanning as part of a compliant network security posture. Nuspire's WDS exceeds regulatory requirements for rogue access point scanning by continuously scanning and alerting Nuspire's Security Operations Center (SOC) immediately if potential threats arise. If the system and engineering analysis determines the device to be a true threat, the security engineer will contact the customer, or end location, to aid in remediation activities. This synergy between technology and security experts ensures the customer only deals with actual rogue devices threatening the customer network.

Many enterprise organizations who deploy rogue access scanning have faced challenges managing the deluge of alerts that stem from too many false positives, too many neighboring networks, or too many networks to manage. Organizations with quarterly scans that run over a multitude of networks can be flooded with tens of thousands of alerts - most of which may be falsely triggered. WDS (used in conjunction with Nuspire’s 24/7 security operations engineers) eliminates unnecessary responses and false positive events by running all detected wireless devices through a custom algorithm to determine a threat score based on whether the rogue device is on the network, the potential threat of the device, and the behavior/characteristics of the device.

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Hardware-based Detection System
 • Nuspire’s custom-built WDS device provides features and services developed in Nuspire’s nuSecure Labs.

Passive Wireless Scanning 24/7/365
 • The WDS device stays onsite continuously analyzing wireless devices.

Remote Monitoring, Reporting, and Management
 • Leveraging Nuspire’s Security Operation Center (SOC), the nuWDS provides real-time remote monitoring, reporting, and incident management.

 • Nuspire’s SOC engineers can respond to threats remotely when customers’ support staff are not onsite.

 • WDS provides advanced false positive detection and elimination; creating genuine actionable alerts.

Rogue Access Point Identification and Elimination
 • WDS not only detects rogue access points but has capabilities for containing a suspected rogue access point.

 • Nuspire’s systems and SOC engineers react to alerts in real-time to identify and locate rogue wireless threats.

 • Rogue Access Point threat level response and identification is customized to a customer’s company guidelines.