Respond Proactively and rapidly respond to threats before they impact your business

Industry-leading threat intelligence and human analysis enable swift remediation


Quickly Respond and Recover

Eliminate alert fatigue

Keep your team focused on important business initiatives while we investigate suspicious activity and weed out false positives.

Gain expert 24x7x365 monitoring

Augment your team with an end-to-end security monitoring partner.

Maintain business continuity

Advanced cyber threat detection and prevention technologies backed by superior remediation capabilities ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Optimize your existing infrastructure

Utilize your current tech stack to quickly operationalize your threat response.


How it works: step one

Support Engaged

Rapid endpoint or log ingestion, the Security Operations Center (SOC) engineer and threat hunter refer to customized runbooks to determine scope and review special instructions

How it works: step two

Incident Escalation

Incident is immediately escalated to the (SOC) or moved to investigation phase


How it works: step three

Remediation and Tuning

Various combinations of eradication techniques are employed to remediate and tune controls for future prevention

Endpoint Protection and Response

Our next generation Endpoint Protection and Response service is backed by a highly skilled highly skilled SOC to detect, alert, investigate and remediate advanced threats.