Detect Understand your threat landscape in order to protect it.

Proactively defend your organization with comprehensive security program development and operations.


Uncover and Overcome Hidden Threats

Detect threats faster

Leverage 24x7x365 event monitoring and custom runbooks to identify threats no matter where your data has traveled

Respond swiftly and more effectively

 Analyze network traffic and information from thousands of endpoints with industry-leading threat intelligence and attack research to lower risk of breach

Be compliant, stay compliant

Leverage experience of former CISOs to review policies and to ensure compliance audit readiness

Reduce your attack surface

Programmatically scan your network to identify, prioritize and reduce vulnerabilities across your network


How it works: step one

Strategy and Ingestion

Security program strategy and policies implemented, event data and logs are collected through flexible secure cloud ingestion methods

How it works: step two

Network Monitoring

Tracking new indicators of compromise (IOCs) from campaigns/botnets


How it works: step three

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed analyst-driven event and risk analytics and aggregated risk scoring drive focused response

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Threats

To be secure, we must understand who the adversaries are, what they’re after, how they would attack an organization, and the overall risk they pose. Nuspire’s quarterly threat report identifies trends and makes predictions, so you know what to expect from cybercriminals.