Customized Internet Solutions

As the strategic importance of the Internet grows, businesses need high level connectivity and service on which they can rely. Nuspire focuses on custom enterprise IP data solutions for companies with diverse geographic footprints, solutions that enable faster communications, and more effective e-business solutions.

Nuspire will lower the overall cost for data transport, showing an immediate cash positive ROI, while adding additional layers of management and support. How is this possible? Most medium to large corporations with multiple locations are either currently utilizing or planning to migrate to an IP communications platform of some flavor (VPN, web-based applications, etc.). In most cases, each location requires varying levels of service and possesses unique challenges geographically for providing connectivity. Choosing a single carrier to take advantage of volume discounts may seem like the answer, however a single carrier cannot reach all areas or be competitive in all regions. Additionally, they are limited to the suite of technologies they can provide. 

To offer corporate clients the answer, Nuspire builds custom data communication solutions, utilizing a blend of multiple technologies and carriers. Nuspire's corporate programs are designed to take advantage of cost breaks afforded by regionally available technologies and geographically dictated loop prices from different carriers, while still meeting premium performance guidelines dictated by corporate. This solution is coupled with a single point of contact for ordering, provisioning, billing, ongoing support, and seamless coordination with integration efforts in a powerful online management and tracking tool within Nuspire's trax portal, allowing corporate clients to procure and implement the best available technologies at an overall lower cost.

Internet Access Rollout & Project Management Services

With multiple tier 1 partners, flawless performance and high levels of availability, Nuspire solutions are ideal for customers requiring flexibility and are the very best for mission-critical data applications. Customers can also elect to have Nuspire's network technicians monitor the circuit for outages and respond to the ISP in the case of a network outage. 

Key features:

  • Multiple provider partners adding: flexibility, availability, and competitive pricing
  • Flexible range of access speeds and technologies
  • Flawless performance and guaranteed levels of service
  • Flexible service options range from unmanaged provisioning to fully managed, end-to-end solutions
  • Single point of contact for all service-related inquiries
  • Online client interface providing: quote & service request entry, rollout project management



Nuspire offers a single point of contact for ordering, provisioning, and customer service for multiple orders spanning different technologies, speeds, and carriers. For extra simplicity, managed bandwidth solutions include network design, network management, as well as equipment installation and maintenance at the customer premises.

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