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Better protect your valuable assets by identifying potential threats with industry-specific intelligence.

The Nuspire approach to threat modeling combines powerful threat intelligence sources that provide data based on industry, threat groups, tactics, techniques, and proceduresthat are powered by expertrecommendations from Nuspire. 

What Makes the Nuspire Threat Modeling Tool different?


Industry Specific

Actionable industry security insights and intelligence


Two Combined Forces

Nuspire Threat Intelligence and MITRE ATT&CK Framework


Actionable INSIGHTS

How to prepare and where to focus your security program

Why Nuspire?

The revolutionary Nuspire NOC (Network Operations Center) takes the knowledge of our security experts and operationalizes it to harden network security and reduce incident response times for our clients. Our security operations centers (SOCs) provide the 24x7 monitoring needed to inform continual tuning to mature security posture over time.

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Manages the health and availability of client environments, 24x7
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Delivers lifecycle patch management
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Continually tunes and optimizes people, processes and technology

Make Your Security Intelligence Actionable



Narrow Your Focus

How do you protect the right assets? By customizing your security program to your organization. Effective security programs start with understanding the environment, tactics and techniques used by an industry’s adversaries. The Nuspire Threat Modeling Tool provides a comprehensive analysis that can help you build or improve your cybersecurity program.

Detect and Mitigate Threats

Often times, it can take weeks to truly understand where to start and apply insights to your organization. The Nuspire Threat Modeling Tool will provide context to help you understand the industry threat landscape, detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities and prioritize risks to effectively secure your organization. Once data is provided, a report and recommendations can be generated in 48 hours or less.

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Be One Step Ahead

Don’t get stuck with a lack of insights. Get ahead of potential attackers with The Nuspire Threat Modeling Tool. We'll help you identify where you are most vulnerable and provide recommendations on how to best protect your business.

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Christina Richmond, Program VP, Security Services at IDC

Threat modeling is used to help organizations understand their adversaries' techniques. Understanding who is attacking your industry plays a critical role in improving an organization’s security program.

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