The NuSecure nuUTM network appliances are deployed as part of Nuspire's managed security service. Customers who wish to utilize Nuspire's SIEM and SOC services can add state-of-the-science security hardware as part of their monthly service contract. The nuUTM offers a range of hardware platforms running proprietary security software which is integrated into Nuspire’s enterprise nuSIEM system. 

The nuUTM can be easily deployed in front-line security applications where reliability and availability are of key concern. With multiple hardware platforms tailored based on network requirements, from rack mounts to the smallest measuring only 40 mm in height, the nuUTM can be deployed virtually anywhere. Its space-saving design offers flexibility and cost savings while maintaining the high throughput and availability required for network security, acceleration and other network applications. The devices integrate with Nuspire's SIEM, SOC services and Trax Management and Monitoring Portal. This provides customers with an integrated security solution that includes hardware, software, and security analytic teams to protect customer networks around the clock.  

The nuUTM focuses on price/performance with a high standard of reliability. The solution is the only UTM on the market that is fully integrated with powerful cloud-based security systems, 24/7/365 SOC and real-time human analytics. This results in a service model with both technology and human analytics bundled together to provide more effective troubleshooting and real-time remediation to a level that is truly unique in the industry.

The hardware is deployed solely as part of Nuspire’s managed gateway service.  

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