The NuSecure nuSIEM – backed by its distributed, parallel processing cloud – combines high speed, real-time analysis of UTM/firewall and Windows Event logs with intelligent alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting. The nuSIEM provides complete visibility of all aspects of your UTM/firewall including application control, web content filtering, intrusion prevention, network traffic, vulnerability scanning, data leak prevention, antivirus, VPN/remote access, wireless network connectivity and more.

The foundation of nuSIEM is built upon a proprietary, fault-tolerant, extremely fast, clustered parallel data execution engine. Nuspire's 16 Certified Data Centers provide a solid foundation for operations including multiple redundancies in power, cooling, and internet connectivity. The nuCloud is built upon the ideas and proven technologies in use at companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

The ability to scale the nuSIEM is virtually unlimited and can be quickly achieved through scale-out architecture. Log data is replicated multiple times throughout the nuCloud storage systems featuring automatic failover and load balancing. The internet connectivity for the nuCloud is controlled through high performance BGP intelligent routers which continuously provide best path route advertisements.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is vital to an organization’s defense because it keeps a pulse on the security environment. It establishes a proactive approach to the detection of internal and external attacks on information assets and their associated infrastructure.

Big data architecture is at the heart of Nuspire's nuSIEM. This SIEM utilizes real-time, distributed computation, distributed parallel processing, and advanced machine learning algorithms. Nuspire's nuSIEM is deployed as a readily available, managed, cloud-based service. Due to its scaled architecture, the service can accept near limitless log events and also provides near-instantaneous reports and alerts.

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Monitor a single - or thousands - of UTM/firewalls and server events easily through real-time dashboards and alerts driven by atypical usage patterns.

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Millions of reporting views available via aggregated Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™, executive overview reports and compliance reports.

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Choose from hundreds of preconfigured alerts including online status, system events, botnet traffic, and AI smart alerts identifying atypical usage patterns.

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Cloud-based Solution

Built upon distributed, parallel processing, fault-tolerant infrastructure allowing for unlimited growth of data, unparalleled speed, and zero maintenance headaches. 

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Keeping you on top of your devices is a snap with features such as automatic configuration backups with change control/diffing, status reporting, dynamic DNS services, and more. 

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Data retention – through the use of live and archived data storage – meets the requirements of even the strictest compliance or policy requirements.