Nuspire Backup and Recovery Services for Continuity Management:

  • Utilizes automated and encrypted full Bare Metal recovery off-site system recovery services.

  • Allows for at least a 28 day recovery window and is stored within SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II compliant data centers. Additionally, encrypted local copies of the backups are stored to speed restoration times.

  • Recoverable to the original host and also to cloud recovery targets.

  • All backup events are reviewed daily by security engineers at the Nuspire Security Operations Center. Engineers review for failures or significant changes with prompt corrective action when necessary. Monthly reports summarizing the previous month’s activities are kept for review.

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Supported Applications, Databases and Virtual Machines

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VMware Backup Module

Nuspire's backup VMware module provides fast and secure backups and restorations of guest virtual machines in VMware vSphere (ESX / ESXi), Server, Workstation, Fusion, and Player. This backup VMware module also provides support of ESXi free version, VDDK/non-VDDK backup modes and can also make use of VMware’s Changed Block Tracking for increased performance.

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Hyper-V Backup Module

Nuspire's backup Hyper-V module provides fast and secure backups of individual virtual machines in Hyper-V or a Hyper-V cluster. Through incremental technology, backups are fast – and the resulting data can be restored manually or automatically.

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Exchange DAG Module

Backing up of the Microsoft Exchange DAG (Database Availability Group) is a simple task via Nuspire's backup’s exchange DAG backup module, even if the individual Microsoft Exchange Servers within the DAG are located in different geographical locations. Backups and restorations for Exchange DAG can occur at the database or mailbox levels.

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MS Exchange Backups

The Microsoft Exchange backup module provides complete backup and restoration of the Microsoft Exchange Server information store. Microsoft Exchange Server versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2010 SP1 are all supported in the MS Exchange backup module.

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Exchange Brick Level

Nuspire's backup MS Exchange Brick Level module allows for backup and restoration of an individual user’s email, contacts, and calendars. In the event a data restore is needed, individual items can be restored without needing to restore the entire Exchange information store.

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MS SQL Server Backup

Nuspire's backup module for Microsoft SQL Server allows for live, online backups of MS SQL Databases. The incremental feature of this backup allows for fast encrypted backups of your databases.

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Oracle Database Backup

The backup module for Oracle SQL Database servers allows for live, online backups of Tablespaces and archived redo logs. The fast, incremental features of this backup allow for fast encrypted backups of your Oracle databases.

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Lotus Notes Backup

Lotus Domino/Notes Server backup module as part of this backup provides simple network-based backup and restore of the server’s database and transaction log data.

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MySQL Database Backup

Nuspire's backup provides online backups and restoration of MySQL Databases. The incremental feature of this backup allows for fast encrypted backups of your MySQL databases.

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Windows Bare-Metal

Nuspire's Windows System backup module allows for Bare-Metal backup of the entire Windows system. The module allows for Bare-Metal backups of live, online systems. The Bare-Metal restore provides the ability to restore a backup to dissimilar hardware for extremely fast recovery of entire workstations or servers.

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ShadowProtect themes/nuspire/images

Nuspire's backup ShadowProtect Bare-Metal module allows for integration and offsite backups of StorageCraft’s award-winning ShadowProtect Bare-Metal backup. The flexibility of the server image allows for recovery to dissimilar hardware or to a Virtual Machine Environment such as VMWare or OpenStack.

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Windows System State

Nuspire's backup module for backup and restoration of the Windows System State makes ensuring critical portions of your workstation or server are backed up. This includes boot files, including the system files, and all files protected by Windows File Protection, Active Directory & Sysvol (on a domain controller), Certificate Services (on certification authority server), Cluster database (on a cluster node) and the Windows Registry.


Backup Features

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Constant Data Protection

Nuspire's backup provides advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that allows you to capture every version of a file that has been saved to your hard drive. With CDP, whenever you modify files in the backup set, it will automatically backup the changes to your secured storage area with the Data Guardian Backup Online Backup Servers. This provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for file servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently – without any human intervention.

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Flexible Backup Schedule

In addition to Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Nuspire's backup has an extremely flexible scheduler to ensure your backup policy executes exactly when you want. The Nuspire backup servers are schedule aware and will notify of a missed scheduled backup automatically via email.

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In-File Delta Technology

Nuspire's backup uses a proprietary In-File Delta technology to save your bandwidth and dramatically reduce the time of your backups by backing up the file in full – on just the first backup. After your initial backup, only changes are sent into your secure storage area with the Nuspire backup servers. There are multiple methods of In-File Delta that can be chosen including incremental, differential, and server-side delta merging.

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Multithreaded App

Nuspire's backup is a multi-threaded application, allowing it to take full advantage of today’s Multi-CPU, Multi-Core workstations and servers. Being multi-threaded allows the CPU intensive portion of a backup – such as encryption and compression – to complete even faster.

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256 AES Encryption

Your data is compressed and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption before being uploaded and stored on the Nuspire backup servers. The encrypting key is never uploaded to backup servers during a backup. You have the option for each backup set to use its own encryption key, but don’t lose it – because without it – there is no method to decrypt the data!

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256-bit SSL Encrypted Tunnel

All communications to the Nuspire backup servers are carried over a 256-bit SSL encrypted tunnel. The SSL encrypted tunnel also provides authentication verification of the Nuspire backup servers for web-based restores and communications.

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Flexible Data Retention

Nuspire's backup allows for flexible data retention policies. These retention policies control how long deleted files and previous versions of files should be retained. More traditional data retention policies such as retaining the last 14 days, 3 monthly, and 3 quarterly backups are also fully supported.

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Advanced File Filtering

Need to backup everything except the copy of the boss’s music files? Nuspire backup’s advanced file filtering allows for complex rules for selection of the data to be backed up.

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Open File Backup

Nuspire's backup integrates with Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework. It allows the ability to backup files that are open without any additional applications or plug-ins.

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Seed Load & Restore

In the case of having a lot of data to backup or a slow internet connection, the Seed Load Utility can be used to compress and encrypt data to an external disk. The disk can then be sent to Nuspire to seed load your account for the initial backup. Since subsequent backups will be incremental, small and fast, your account will be fully online in a fraction of the time. In the event of a disaster, the reverse of the process can be used to allow you to perform a local restore of your data.

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Local Disk Backups

In addition to storing your backups online via the Nuspire backup servers, you may also save backups locally to disk. This allows for data to be stored both offsite and onsite when needed.

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Command Line Scripts

Nuspire's backup provides the ability to run both pre and post backup scripts. This is useful for customizing and controlling applications as the backup is running.


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