Nuspire's NuVu

The NuSecure NuVu monitoring tablet allows instant visibility and transparency into enterprise networks, with the same security and monitoring dashboards viewed in the Trax Portal. It's difficult to have visibility into hundreds or thousands of endpoints, but with the Nuspire NuVu, it's just an arm's reach away.

Outsourcing management of the core network in a large enterprise is a leap of faith and at Nuspire, transparency is key to giving executives peace of mind. With that functionality, customers spend a lot of time on trax™, and want status of their network at a glance. This interactive Android tablet takes up minimal space and is easy to use. The NuVu displays ticket information, device information, security insight and a touch screen interactive map of all network locations.

Some situations call for greater detail. NuVu is ready. From either the monitoring dashboard or the security dashboard, a user can drill down to the most granular data.

The Nuspire NuVu is deployed as a standard part of Nuspire Managed Services.