Network Operations Center

The Nuspire Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are staffed 24/7/365 to assist customers with network management, monitoring, and support. NOC engineers are on-call to provide state-of-the-science technical assistance, network management and monitoring services with utilization of the tools necessary to ensure network reliability and efficiency.

Technical Assistance Center

Leverage Nuspire’s world-class technical expertise and unparalleled troubleshooting capabilities to support your business and maintain a reliable, productive and secure network. 

Assistance Center Highlights

  • Skilled staff available around the clock allows for seamless and effective troubleshooting along with superior ongoing support. Nuspire is staffed 24/7/365 with highly trained Level 1, 2 and 3 engineering specialists that span all levels of IT expertise.

  • Rest assured! If dispatch is needed, you will receive the right technician with the right skills and products for quick problem resolution.

  • Simplify access to support with a single point of contact. Get total incident management including escalation to expert resolution groups, as needed. Communicate with your support team or dedicated account manager. Interact over phone, or via web through trax™, Nuspire's support, ticketing, asset management, and project support portal. 

  • Leverage Nuspire’s global reach to support all of your enterprise locations across the globe.

  • We all speak the same language. With Nuspire's multi-lingual capabilities, no matter where in the world they go, they are always communicating effectively to support their customers.

  • ACD and ticket reporting at your fingertips. No matter where you are, Nuspire and trax™ puts the power in your hands with the ability to communicate with the people handling your issues. Each call is carefully logged and documented from open to close. From an ACD phone system and ticket reporting, you are never more than a click away from putting your finger on the pulse of the people working on your issues.


Network Operations Center


  • A specialized remote desktop access tool provides quick and secure access for engineers to access remote user terminals.

  • Automated web-based workstation and network survey applications scan network and workstation hardware for accurate asset management.

  • Nuspire's highly refined, repeatable processes deliver world-class support services 24/7/365; gaining the efficiencies of high quality and consistent services wherever your business is located.

  • Transparent reporting is available through a Nuspire account manager, support ticket, or online through trax™. Technical assistance reporting includes metrics such as calls received, average time to answer, first call resolution, and average queue times/hold times.

NOC Management and Monitoring Capabilities

Network engineers are staffed around the globe to ensure customer networks are managed and monitored for potential issues that could impact network and business operations.

Managed gateway security services include:

  • Device management
    • Patch management
    • Configuration management
    • Support for multiple VDOMs/VLANs
    • Dynamic routing
    • Content filtering
    • IPsec and SSL VPN management
    • Network health management
      • Ping & SNMP
      • CPU & memory utilization
  • Network bandwidth monitoring
    • Up/down status monitoring and alerting
      • Remediation efforts with the ISP
    • Traffic utilization monitoring
    • Bandwidth failover monitoring
  • SLA and service guarantees
    • Proactive NOC support, alerting, and remediation
    • 24/7/365 technical assistance (TAC) center availability
  • Alerting & reporting
    • Automated email reporting
    • Scheduled and ad hoc reporting
    • Scheduled executive briefings and status reporting

Network Operations Center sm

Network Management Tools

Nuspire network engineers utilize world class tools to discover potential issues before they impact network performance. Through trax™, Nuspire’s proprietary network management, monitoring, security, and ticketing solution, a Nuspire engineer can alert clients of potential problems minutes after an event happens on a customer network.

Through trax™, a Nuspire network engineer will:

    • Monitor network availability
    • Be alerted of network outages and failure points
    • Monitor network devices for problems with CPU and memory utilization
    • Monitor traffic utilization
    • Be alerted if a network fails to a secondary or backup circuit
    • Query Nuspire’s knowledge base and ticketing system for similar problems
    • Integrate ticketing systems with client systems to ensure a seamless conduit of communication

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