Partner Program

The NuSecure Partner Program is a rapidly growing service offering from Nuspire. Since 1999, Nuspire has built industry-leading technologies integrated with unique threat intelligence and human analytics to meet the managed security needs of some of the world’s largest and most distinctive organizations.

The NuSecure Partner Program was built to allow MSPs, MSSPs, ISPs, and Resellers to take advantage of Nuspire’s state-of-the-science technologies, SOC services, and security expertise. This provides partners with award-winning security management technologies, access to security research and development, and support by industry experts. The result is fast entry into a growing market, solution differentiation, and an avenue to build recurring, profitable revenue.

NuSecure partners push the boundaries of what can be done with managed service by creating and providing value-added solutions to their customers. Program managers support partners with product training, sales support, and market strategy as they work together to build successful businesses using a security-centric service offering. The NuSecure flagship product, nuSIEM, continues to expand functionality and support of all network devices. The NuSecure cloud-based, big data SIEM is the most robust, all-encompassing security solution available on the market. Partners who aim to provide customer networks with 24/7/365 SOC proactive monitoring are able to easily upgrade a device in the SIEM to provide Cyber Threat Monitoring (CTM) of that network asset. The CTM service provides proactive security monitoring through Nuspire’s SOCs. When a security threat is discovered, a security engineer will contact the partner to assist with issue diagnosis and resolution.

For more information on the NuSecure Partner Program, please visit or call a partner representative at +1(888)570-5641.
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Most businesses do not have the security experience and resources necessary to protect their infrastructure. As security concerns grow and businesses become more concerned with data privacy, the MSP/MSSP market will be at the forefront of a growing IT industry. This is exactly why the NuSecure Partner Program was created. The NuSecure Partner Program will empower the managed service market with the most robust and proven security solutions to support partner organizations, allowing them to effectively secure their client’s network assets.

In the course of these endeavors, partners will gain access to one of the fastest growing segments (IT Security) in one of the fastest growing markets (IT Services) in the world. Quick access to this market segment will allow a partner to capture more market share, gain more revenue, and provide more to existing customers. The program services are monthly recurring, high profit margin, services. These services generally remain in place for many years, and help to secure long-term relationships with the partner and their customers. NuSecure partners have found that this recurring, high-profit service helps capture market share, revenue, and long-term customer relationships.



Partner Program

For more information on the NuSecure Partner Program, please visit or call a partner representative at +1(888)570-5641. You can also email