Franchise Program

Many corporate organizations face the challenge of assisting their franchisees, or independent branches, tackle complex problems such as network management, monitoring, and security risks. Though the franchise is an independent business, it may rely on corporate headquarters to help protect the brand equity, ensure a reliable conduit of communication, and provide technical assistance. A breach at one franchise can hurt the brand overall, and oftentimes, the franchisee does not have the resources or expertise in place to manage a network. Consequently, headquarters may not have a working knowledge of the franchisee's infrastructure and/or no way to manage its network. Nuspire has developed a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of both organizations. Proven and refined in over a decade of service experience to some of the largest franchise organizations in the world, the Nuspire Franchise IT Programs provides an unmatched value. 



Nuspire's Franchise Programs assist organizations to deal with the following challenges:

  • Help franchise locations meet regulatory requirements (PCI, GLBA, HIPAA etc.)
  • Perceived application performance at the end-user’s locations
  • Franchise infrastructure reliability
  • Corporate to franchise infrastructure visibility, and its impact on franchise business
  • Ability to migrate franchise to better technology to meet future business needs
  • Support requirements that can outpace support resources
  • End-users lack of insight/knowledge about how their network is setup
  • Challenge for support staff to gather necessary information to adequately troubleshoot issues
  • Managing, deploying, and monitoring corporate compliance initiatives
  • Understanding franchise technology architecture and topology
  • Leveraging volume service/product pricing for franchisees
  • Communications, support and portal management


Nuspire can construct a customized franchise program to assess, survey, consult, and remediate franchise infrastructure issues. The programs can be developed to utilize online tools, network consultants or even onsite technicians. Programs are designed for thousands of franchisees on a national or global scale. 


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