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Rapid recovery with the right cybersecurity incident response plan, people, tools, technology and training.

Minimize impact and loss with Rapid containment

A breach requires instant action by experienced cybersecurity professionals who know exactly what to do in what order. And they need to be skilled in gaining visibility and root cause analysis.

Nuspire’s cybersecurity incident response team engages in effective response activities – meeting or exceeding agreed-upon service levels. Constant communications keep everyone up to date and on the same page.

Build Cybersecurity Muscle Memory


Calm and control the chaos

Work with an incident commander, a single point of contact for clear, concise, actionable information


Begin assessing breach scope within 15 minutes

Analyze and correlate activities based on rapid data ingestion and threat hunting


Prevent future intrusions

Develop custom playbooks post-breach and participate in cybersecurity incident response tabletop exercise scenarios

Improve incident outcomes with continuous monitoring

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Prioritize response actions to speed containment and/or eradication
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Stabilize your environment to prevent further compromise and loss
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Monitor your network and devices to uncover threats, regardless of dwell time

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Cybersecurity Threats

To be secure, we must understand who the adversaries are, what they’re after, how they would attack an organization, and the overall risk they pose. Our quarterly threat report identifies trends and makes predictions, so you know what to expect from cybercriminals.

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