Kristi May Honored at Corp! Magazine's 'Most Valuable' Awards

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Corp! magazine has recognized Nuspire's Kristi May to their annual Most Valuable Professionals/Millennials/Entrepreneurs Awards in 2018. The honored professionals are recognized for making business happen in Michigan, serving their community, demonstrating strong leadership skills in growing and managing a successful business, becoming industry experts, and delivering lucrative business results.

Having a clear vision is one of the most critical characteristics a leader should possess, said Kristi May, account manager for Nuspire Networks, a managed security services provider. “Great leaders have a clear and exciting vision of where they are going, what they are trying to accomplish and can effectively communicate this vision to others.”

As an account manager, her role involves managing and nurturing client relationships, identifying new opportunities among existing customers and liaising with cross-functional internal teams to improve the entire customer experience.

“One of the biggest misconceptions around millennials in the workforce is the notion that millennials are lazy,” she said. “Millennials may work differently than those of other generations, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re not willing to get their hands dirty. Millennials detest inefficiency and live by the philosophy of ‘work smarter, not harder’ and simply look for effective ways to accomplish more in less time. This attitude is not a bad thing as it often creates efficiencies, reduces resource burden and boosts production.”

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