Advanced Persistent Threats Gaining More AI Capability

By Matt Corney, CTO

One of the biggest things we will see in 2018 are improvements to technology and services that already exist. For example, social engineering will continue to get better, ransomware will continue to evolve, attacks on exploits will continue to grow faster and patch scenarios are going to quickly be exploited.

Secondly, we might be seeing more of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Malware in 2018, which has the ability to think in different ways and is self-aware. Watch out for Advance persistent threats as we might see that go into more of an AI capability in the new year. We will also see that issues with IoT will grow and continue to be a problem.

What should businesses do to prepare?

Start doing something. Don’t wait until last minute to take action. Begin following NIST guidelines as a resource for technological advancement and security and implement those guidelines to mitigate control. If you do not understand them, then work with a security expert or partner with someone who does to ensure that you are compliant and have the proper tools in place. You do not need the latest technology, malware or sandbox to prepare for these threats. Instead, figure out where your gaps are in your security posture and learn how you can better monitor, manage, and fill in those gaps.

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