Nuspire Networks Helps Craft New Infrastructure Guidelines for the Automotive Industry


DETROIT, MI (AUGUST 16, 2016) Nuspire Networks, as a participating member of the STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail) organization, has facilitated the process of crafting a common set of Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines (DIG) at the request of fellow STAR membership. A large discipline of Original Equipment Manufacturers in the business of satisfying transportation needs are represented, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and Jaguar.

“Since Nuspire has done this for 10 plus years for a number of the automotive manufacturers, it was a natural fit for our contribution to the group,” said Marvin Kay, Client Executive at Nuspire.

Collectively, STAR has developed voluntary industry standards for the benefit of dealers. These standards are designed to be used by all North American automotive retailers. Nuspire provided their expertise and assisted this process by leading the work group in assembling these guidelines.

The DIG is a comprehensive document that outlines industry best practices to be used as a reference by dealers to verify network and infrastructure needs. Dealerships of any size must employ internal network administrators or IT managers to be responsible for reviewing the guidelines, checklists, and tips to ensure their dealership has implemented a safe, secure, and robust solution, one in which is able to meet both the needs of the customer and the dealership team.

These guidelines provide recommendations on dealership hardware, software, Local Area Network (LAN), internet bandwidth, and security. They are intended as a guide to support effective data integration, data protection, system reliability and efficient business processes. The DIG represent a first step in a strategy to provide guidance for retail distribution outlets in managing technology within their respective disciplines and providing a secure environment as opposed to simply maintaining compliance.

Like most retailers, it’s essential that the dealership industry must have the proper technology to support robust processes aimed at selling and servicing vehicles. As the internet has become an integral part of conducting business, a plethora of systems are leveraged within a dealership to meet the ever-growing demands of customers.

The continual growth and innovation of technology and the requirement to deliver data and solutions to dealerships has created a need for OEMs to evaluate their current approach and the plans necessary to meet whatever future requirements that may arise. The DIG identifies the overall direction decided upon by the members of STAR. It provides guidelines and recommendations to help dealers decide which communication solution best fits the requirements of their business environment, and explains the choices available to be able to standardize their dealership networks.

STAR is a nonprofit, dues-paying organization whose members include dealers, manufacturers, retail system providers, and other automotive industry related organizations. Their mission is to enable the secure, automated interchange of auto retail business data over the internet using open standards.

STAR’s goal is to utilize non-proprietary technology IT standards as a catalyst in fulfilling the business information needs of dealers and manufacturers, while reducing the time and effort necessary to support related activities.

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