To Catch a Thief or Foil a Hacker

Nuspire Tim2


Nuspire's Tim Gallagher in Wards Auto: "To Catch a Thief or Foil a Hacker"

Nuspire Networks’ expert Tim Gallagher was recently featured in an article from Ward’s Auto, where he, and Nuspire customer Frank Scher, information technology director of Koeppel Auto Group in Brooklyn and Long Island, discuss the necessary actions to better secure a dealership’s data security.

The article covers how a dealership’s security, including physical surveillance, as well as IT activity monitoring, must be handled on all fronts to protect valuable merchandise and customer information. Tim and Frank explain how sensitive data at risk in dealership systems - like financial documents and driver’s licenses - make dealerships a ripe target for cyber theft.

Frank describes how Nuspire’s systems and monitoring allows his dealerships to be alerted of potential threats or lurkers in the network, preventing would-be hackers from stealing vital information.


See Tim and Frank’s insights in the full article, “To Catch a Thief or Foil a Hacker.”