• Are Your Dealerships' IT Systems Secure?

    Misty Lerch, automotive industry professional since 1993 and controller of two dealerships in Amarillo, Texas - Street Toyota and Street Volkswagen – had experienced physical security issues in the past. But, after an internal employee threat, she realized she was unprepared for the possibility of a data breach.

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  • Five Things Hackers Are Doing With Victims' Data in 2015

    Recent hacks show that attackers' methods have not drastically changed, yet they seem to be getting more aggressive in how they're using data. In the last 10 years, the methodology and penetration remain relatively the same, but the sophistication has escalated and the implications are troubling.

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  • Dealership Security: Proactive Practice is Best Practice

    In late December, a staffer at Street Toyota in Amarillo, Texas, suddenly found himself without Internet access.“Someone clicked on something they shouldn’t have,” says Misty Lerch, controller of Street Auto Group, which includes Street Toyota and Street Volkswagen. She later learned a hacker had taken advantage of human error and seized one of the dealership’s terminals. “Their computer was sending out two million spam emails per minute.”

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    Data sharing will top the agenda at today's summit featuring US president Barack Obama and Apple chief executive Tim Cook, with the US leader due to sign an advisory order encouraging Silicon Valley to set up groups to circulate threat intelligence.

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  • Me and my job: Kristi Carrier, quality auditor, Nuspire Networks

    I'm a quality auditor at Nuspire Networks, a managed security service provider. In my role, I'm responsible for reviewing the performance of our security engineers to ensure network security events are being diagnosed and acted upon in a timely manner that supports best practice and adheres to established guidelines. 

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