• Dealerships Vulnerable to Hack Attacks

    Malware can steal customer social security numbers from finance and insurance department computers. With malware known as Keylogger placed into a finance and insurance computer by a hacker, a cyberthief may capture every social security number you type in.

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  • Are You Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

    Recent breaches that have impacted more than 350 MAPCO Express locations indicate convenience store chains are increasingly becoming prime retail targets for cybercrime activity. The growing threat of breaches for convenience stores should come as no surprise. 

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  • How Retailers Can Still Improve Security before Black Friday

    Nuspire's Jared Schemanski discusses best practices IT teams can adopt to ensure current systems are able to handle the holiday madness. Each year, retailers hustle and strain to get their online and in-store merchandise ready to entice shoppers for the annual Black Friday rush. Their main concern, of course, is whether this season’s merchandise will prove popular.

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    In the cat-and-mouse game of loss prevention, criminals are constantly seeking new ways to defraud retailers. A number of high-profile breaches have shown that big data can be accessed through small vulnerabilities in bricks-and-mortar locations. E-commerce security is often managed at the corporate level by complex software, but retailers aren’t always protected at the store level. Something as simple as an unsecured USB port or an unattended terminal can create a gaping opening in the system.

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  • DIY Works Well for Many Projects, But Not for IT Security

    Do-it-yourself IT projects can save money and prove to work just fine. But a DIY security system for your invaluable information probably isn’t a very good idea. These days, cyberattacks and security glitches are a regular occurrence – and routine news headlines and organization’s need to be confident that their security systems can protect invaluable information.

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  • You're Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link

    Cybercriminals have discovered just how lucrative – and relatively easy – it is to penetrate the lackluster defenses of franchise organizations. UPS Stores, P.F. Chang’s and Jimmy John’s are among the retailers whose IT networks have recently been breached. The reason: They often possess weak or neglected franchise security approaches, leading hackers to easily exploit vulnerabilities at individual locations.

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  • Tips to Thwart Cyberattacks and Data Breaches

    With the holiday season well underway, many retailers are scrambling to shore up their networks and prevent against cyberattackers and the kind of high-profile data breaches suffered by Target and Home Depot. Tim Gallagher, head of the security analytics team (SAT) at Nuspire Networks, a managed network security service provider, discusses key tips to consider when thinking about retail store network security.

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