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Personal data is the ‘low-hanging fruit’ and easy to harvest

Once upon a time, hackers were content to make mischief. Now, says Nuspire Networks, they’re more sophisticated and can do a lot more damage, even compromise a dealership’s computer network security with ease.

”They want to get into your system and steal information like credit card information.” Warned Dan Hoban, Nuspire’s director of business development.

”Stealing private information data is very lucrative. The customer data in dealerships is considered low-hanging fruit.

The scary part is that you won’t know your information has been stolen and used until the credit companies tell you.”

Theft of credit information at dealerships does happen, he says. When it does, credit companies look to the dealerships where the crime occurred to make up for the loss. They can also refuse to do business with that dealership. “That can be a death sentence for a retailer.” Hoban says. “The credit companies aren’t content with just firewalls.” He says they want more than that because the attacks are becoming more advanced. Dealerships have a variety of vulnerable entry points that continue to grow – desktop, gateway, and wireless devices, including smart phones. “As dealerships adopt more sophisticated network connected devices, the risks increase,” he warns.

Founded in 1999 and located in Michigan, Nuspire provided security for Subaru of American and Quorum subscribers in Canada and the U.S.

”Firewalls and anti-virus are a good first step in protecting a network, but you can’t stop the advanced attacks from hackers. You need a security team to watch the network and catch the hard-to-spot anomalies. That’s something software and hardware can’t catch all by itself, you need the human component too.”

That’s where Nuspire comes in.

Security staff monitors the dealerships network 24/7, but Nuspire says it supplies its clients with much more than that.

In addition to guarding against hacking, Nuspire’s security analysts check the client’s network to purge it of any viruses that are slowing it down and safeguard dealership staff against improper internet use suck has going to prohibited sites.

”We watch the network to ensure it’s running securely and efficiently. Dealers need their network and internet connection and we make sure it’s there when the dealership needs it,” Hoban says.

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