Network Security Survey Reveals Vulnerabilities for Remote Locations

One in Five Multi-Site Locations Faced with Daily Security Challenges

1 in 5Commerce, Mich. – June 26, 2013 – Nuspire Networks, provider of state-of-the-science network management and security solutions, recently released a study illustrating the specific security needs faced by corporate-owned or individually owned franchises, branch networks, and remote locations.

Nuspire’s proprietary study reveals that an enterprise’s remote locations, including franchises, face a unique and challenging environment when it comes to IT and network security. Findings include:

  • On average, the gateway at the typical retail / branch office could be port scanned over seven times eaNetwork Security Survey Reveals Vulnerabilities for Remote Locationsch day.
  • One in five remote locations will have the network gateway tested for open ports.
  • This means that 20 percent of retail / branch office locations could allow malicious traffic into the network if a port is open.

Nuspire Networks based the survey on selected Fortune 500 companies with dispersed, remote locations. Findings show that remote network architecture presents its own set of security management and monitoring challenges.

Notes Saylor Frase, President and CEO of Nuspire Networks, “As technology increases so do the chances of hardware and software vulnerabilities. This is particularly true for the large, dispersed enterprise with many remote locations. The challenge is to stay on top of the ever-growing vulnerabilities that come with large-scale networks.”