24x7 Managed Network Security Services Drive Nuspire’s Growth

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Metro Detroit Network Security Company Aggressively Recruiting to Meet Market Demand

Detroit, MI – April 17th, 2012
Words like virus, hacker and data breach used to be industry specific terms that only IT professionals would need to be concerned about. Malicious attacks on private, corporate and government computer networks have steadily increased over the last decade and show no signs of slowing down in the near future. In response to the growing threats the network security industry has had to create new methods and technologies to push back the tide of threats.

Nuspire Networks is one of the companies answering the call to help protect computer networks against malware and hackers. The Commerce, MI based company is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Nuspire and the MSSP industry has had to mature quickly to meet customer demand. Many companies are looking to implement 24x7 manned security solutions adding to the challenges MSSPs face.

“Our clients are Fortune 500 companies with geographically disperse footprints,” said Dan Hoban, Nuspire Director of Business Development. “The dynamics and scale of threats today are simply too much for even the best enterprise I.T. departments to handle; you need a network security TEAM that’s specially trained, working 24/7 and dedicated to protecting your network”.

Nuspire is aggressively recruiting to fill positions for the growing company such as network engineers, application developers and sales professionals.

“The new challenge for growing IT companies like Nuspire in Metro Detroit is the ability to find the right IT professionals to fill seats,” remarked Pat Kanai, Network Engineering Supervisor at Nuspire.

In an effort to curb the challenge of finding IT professionals now and in the years to come, Nuspire is consulting with local governments and partnering with Michigan colleges and training centers. The partnerships provide the learning institutions with access to Nuspire’s industry expertise and staff who provide valuable insight into the managed security services and information technology industries.

“Building solid relationships with local colleges is essential to our long term talent development strategy,” said Nuspire’s Public Relations spokesman Matthew Thompson. “Advising these schools on what they should be teaching and how to prepare the students for our industry has been incredibly successful. The involvement with the schools also provides a way for us to be engaged with the community and give back which is really important to the Nuspire team”.