Nuspire Managed Security for General Motors

For almost a decade, GM dealerships have benefited from the knowledge of Nuspire engineers to protect their critical networks using cutting-edge technology and proactive security measures. Because of their experience in the managed security field, GM chose Nuspire to provide Management Security Services at the thousands of GM stores across the United States.

General Motors depends on Nuspire’s expertise to keep dealer networks safe. As MSSP to GM dealers, Nuspire ensures that GM dealers comply with federal, state, as well as industry standards and regulations.

The duty of managing General Motors dealership networks is a responsibility that Nuspire Networks is proud to deliver.

Managed Gateway Service
The network security system provides a fully integrated and complete solution to detect and eliminate a wide spectrum of attacks and malicious activity including blended threats, intrusion attempts, viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, gray ware, adware and denials-of-service. These security services are designed to provide IT administrators with options for a solid, comprehensive security solution.

  • Provides complete real-time network protection through a combination of network-based anti-virus, web and email content filtering, firewall, VPN, dynamic intrusion detection and prevention, traffic shaping and anti-spam.
  • Eliminates viruses and worms from email, file transfer, and real-time (Web) traffic without degrading network performance.
  • Capability for redundant, load-balanced links to multiple ISPs.
  • Integrated ports switch provide enhanced fan-out.
  • Reduces exposure to threats by detecting and preventing intrusions, including DoS and DDoS attacks.
  • Automatically downloads the latest virus and attack database and can accept instant “push” updates as part of the managed network.
  • Solution is designed to meet common compliance requirements such as GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, & Sarbanes Oxley.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for GM Dealers
Security threats are becoming increasingly subtle and sophisticated, so protecting valuable corporate assets and critical data from internal and external threats and data breaches is a growing challenge. Organizations need a practical and affordable way to solve two key security problems—monitoring and analyzing enormous volumes of security event data efficiently enough to:

  • Identify actual threats and prevent them from impacting business operations and causing financial damage
  • Document and demonstrate your organization's compliance with industry and regulatory mandates
  • Prove to auditors and other third parties your IT controls are in place and effective
  • Nuspire provides an easier-than-ever approach by managing security information from devices the client has us monitoring. This robust yet streamlined Security Event Monitoring solution helps Nuspire and our clients manage security and network data for rapidly identification and response to threats while addressing compliance challenges.
  • With TraxTM Network Device Security Event Monitoring & Response, Nuspire can:
    • Identify emerging threats, and especially deeply hidden threats
    • Utilize a fully integrated incident remediation workflow to ensure that incidents are handled with best practice guidance
    • Streamline our client’s compliance strategy by implementing highly effective processes for maintaining and proving compliance
    • Leverage powerful SIEM technology that's easy to deploy, use, and manage
    • Cost-effectively scale the solution, so we can expand our client’s security compliance management strategies as our client’s business grows
    • Take advantage of an easy-to-use, more affordable security solution that can be managed with minimal IT security personnel and thus reduced costs to our clients


Nuspire continually ensures the integrity and privacy of our GM’s critical data with an unprecedented level of:

  • Security event automation
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Multi-dimensional correlation
  • Compliance guidance and management
  • Integrated incident resolution management
  • Robust reporting and analytics


Network Operations Center and Technical Assistance Center
Nuspire is a Managed Network Services Provider, not a “Technology Provider”. Nuspire utilizes technologies, applications, and manufacturers as tools to provide the results customers require.

One such tool is the Nuspire Network Operations/Technical Assistance Center (NOC/TAC). The Nuspire NOC/TAC is in operation 24x7x365. The staff is certified in a variety of skill sets from manufacturer certifications to reputable industry certifications such as CISSP, CIPP, CEH, QSA, and SANS certifications. Nuspire also has a stringent screening process for hiring the most talented engineers. Couple this with continuous performance monitoring, and you can easily see how Nuspire systems are managed and monitored by some of the most qualified and motivated people in the business. Nuspire’s highly skilled staff equates to an end product that provides complete visibility and transparency into Nuspire Managed Services. Nuspire assumes accountability and delivers a reliable quality service to its customers.

NOC/TAC Features:

  • Flexible IP-based telephony system that can be customized for your needs to support warm transfers, cold transfers, direct dials, custom pick trees, custom queues, and more.
  • Up-to-date knowledgebase for quick resolution of common issues
  • Customized ticketing system that supports online web-based access, automated ticket generation based on predetermined alerts, integration capabilities for seamless integration with customers and partners own ticketing systems, and ticketing dashboards for quick reference to verify SLAs are being met.
  • Powerful reporting engine that captures data from the phone system logs, ticket system metrics, monitoring tools, and event management tools.
  • Real-time, heads-up monitoring dashboards for quick reference and real-time view of the health of customer’s networks and systems.
  • Drill down access to all managed devices
  • Uptime and downtime status reporting
  • Trend analysis for proactive monitoring
  • Early fault detection
  • Node failure recovery
  • Asset management


Support Levels for GM Dealers
As with any technology implementation, occasionally customers have questions and require support. Our support includes a staff of engineers who are available to answer incoming calls 24x7x365.

Support Level 1
Level 1 support includes the following features:

  • Level 1 troubleshooting to determine cause and solution of a downed Internet connection. The engineers have access to a knowledgebase of thousands of past events as well as the Internet for online queries.
  • Direct access to manufacturer support personnel and engineers
  • Integration with Dots tech support center and ticketing system (if possible)


Support Level 2
Level 2 support is above that of Level 1. In general, these are issues that are beyond the expertise of Level 1. Solutions addressed at Level 2 include vendor escalation beyond “pre-determined or known” solutions. This could also entail proactive responses to suspicious network activity and alerts.

Support Level 3
Level 3 support is above that of Level 1 and 2. In general, these are issues that are beyond the expertise of Level 1 and Level 2. Examples here include:

  • Vendor collaboration for modifications to software and/or hardware
  • Advanced troubleshooting, network sniffing, and support of advanced issues.


Hardware Support
Hardware support includes:

  • Hardware maintenance and contract subscriptions (if applicable)
  • Automated updates (virus, spyware, and heuristic detection engines where applicable)
  • Chassis licensing
  • Warranty support and hardware replacement
  • Shipping and handling fees
  • Firmware maintenance
  • Vendor escalation and support