Nuspire Sees Sharp Growth In Central, South America

Commerce Township-based Nuspire Networks said this week it's growing strongly in Central and South America.

WorldEarly 2010 finds Nuspire sharing its unique managed network security expertise and technologies with South American partners serving the health care, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, technology, retail, government and education markets.

CEO Saylor Frase said the growth grew out of a single client engagement in Portugal that included installations in South America.

Based on that experience, Frase said Nuspire made presentations to potential partners in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil, said Dan Hoban, Nuspire Chief Sales and Marketing Manager.

Nuspire’s 12-city tour of the South American continent culminates and continues a strategic plan that’s been two years in the making.

“South America represents one of the world’s fastest emerging growth markets,” Hoban said. “Their role in the global economy, revenue growth, and the sophistication and entrepreneurial spirit makes South America a key player. Nuspire Networks’ unique Managed Services solutions will help these organizations driving this rapid growth do so with best-in-science cyber security solutions."

By helping geographically dispersed organizations in most industries manage mission-critical network security in real-time via its Trax monitoring system, Nuspire’s team of security professionals works closely with the globe’s leading IT Security providers to counteract and deter hackers, threats, malware and malicious cyber-attacks before they can threaten or damage its customer’s brand, reputation, proprietary data or financial security.

Simply put, as governments like Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru drive national programs to “get a computer or laptop in every citizen’s hands” to drive education, growth and overall capability, it’s very important that organizations like Nuspire Networks work closely with the leaders of this exciting growth to make sure it is all seamless, secure and transparent for the collective marketplace, said Nuspire President, Saylor Frase.

“As commerce and retail exchanges continue to be predominant in cyber-space via the Web on wireless platforms, varying network protocols and with sophisticated hacking operations running thousands of servers from operations’ centers throughout the globe, it takes a cyber-army to ensure honest assets while simultaneously managing the rapid growth that is so exciting today in South America,” Frase said. “With multiple studies, both governmental and private industry, defining the rapid drive toward a near cashless society as soon as 2012, PCI Compliance will be a requirement of doing business for small business and frankly, for anyone who wants to market its products and services, on the Web, with credit card machines at the counter and all places in between.”

Frase said the company's overseas revenue still represents less than 10 percent of total sales. "But with these partnerships we're putting together ... that number could jump up really quick," he said. "The market in South America, after going over the technologies they currently use and the technologies they could gain by using our services, it's way more ripe than it is in Europe."