• Nuspire builds VPN for Sanyo

    Commerce Township-based Nuspire Networks said last week that it partnered with XO Communications to build a virtual private network for Sanyo Automotive's Novi production plant to its supply chains at Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. 

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  • Can Managed Services Save your Business?

    Nuspire Networks will join Awecomm Technologies, High Performance Systems and Online Technologies to discuss the ever-timely topic “Can Managed Services Save My Business?” Within this forum, Nuspire’s Chief Business Development and Marketing Manager – Dan Hoban – will address how managed security services assist some of the world’s largest and most distinctive companies manage their mission-critical data networks.

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  • Nuspire Joins Panasonic On Fast Track With Hendrick Motorsports

    When some of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations count on you to manage their key Network Security concerns, it’s safe to say that some proprietary technological innovation is utilized. And, when you’re asked to work shoulder-to-shoulder with world leaders in Automotive Computing, Hardware & Unique Racing technology, Mobile enterprise computing solutions, and all of the engineering and technical end-user products-solutions that will positively impact air, land and sea transportation for decades to come, suffice it to say that you might be doing something worthwhile.

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  • Nuspire Networks becomes first MSSP to partner with IADA

    Nuspire Networks has entered into an industry changing partnership with the Ohio Independent Automobile Dealer Association (OIADA). The program is the first of its kind, providing independent automobile dealers access to a network security offering that previously was only available to automotive OEM dealers. The partnership will provide OIADA members with the expertise and solutions needed to properly protect their business networks for compliance with state, industry, and Federal regulations. 

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  • Nuspire Joins National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    October marks the seventh annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Nuspire joined the program to help the DHS promote network security practices and awareness.

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