Nuspire Featured in MEDC Campaign

Commerce, MI

NushieldNuspire Networks is being featured as the Michigan Economic Development Corporations' (MEDC) homegrown Information Technology-Managed Security Services success story in 2010. With solutions resonating on Four Continents and a unique blend of proprietary Monitoring and Managed Services' technologies along with a superb group of Security Technologists; Nuspire Networks is being featured in MEDC television spots featuring Chelsea-actor Jeff Daniels along with a print and web campaign that covers the world's leading News Magazines and Web Content providers. Thus far, the Nuspire Networks story has been featured on CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg News, Fox News, Fox BusinessNet and The Golf Channel - with more broadcast affiliates to come in phase two. On the international print side of this $20 million campaign, Nuspire has been featured in Inc., Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine and The Washington Post - with Time, Newsweek and more major publications to follow in Q2-Phase Two.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation plays a significant role in driving Michigan’s evolving new economies with considerable success in Wind and Solar Energy, New Battery and Electric Vehicle Technology, Homeland Security and Defense and the Film Incentives that are steadily bringing filmmakers, the creative community and support personnel to the Great Lakes State and the Greater Midwest. The MEDC highlights Michigan’s excellent University system, its industrial base and technical engineering-manufacturing base, its unparalleled natural resources and its center as a world supply chain – thanks to its Century-Long vehicle development roots.

"Nuspire Networks embodies the best attributes of Michigan Technology," said Lisa Dancsok, Vice President of Marketing for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. "It has young, progressive and innovative leadership, an excellent value proposition, and unique Information Security solutions that add up to offering jobs, growth and careers here in Michigan, while it engages in the global economy." To learn more about Nuspire Networks or the Michigan Economic Development Corporation - go to or to