Conficker - Managed Security In Action White Paper Series

To download and read the Conficker Whitepaper from Nuspire Networks please click here.


In late November, 2008, the Global Managed Security experts at Nuspire nushieldNetworks noticed and identified the real-time symptoms, effects and perversely ingenious tactics of a network based pandemic quick to be known as the Conficker Virus. In its role as a Managed Security Monitoring Services provider for global, geographically dispersed organizations in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution, Retail, Health Care and Telecommunications-Data provisioning, Nuspire’s real-time Network Operations Center enabled a unique initial view of this resilient virus.

About Nuspire

Nuspire is a state-of-the-science managed network security service provider with more than a decade of industry experience providing services for some of the largest and most distinctive companies in the world. Nuspire is a true managed service provider that has moved beyond simple firewall maintenance and IDS monitoring to take responsibility for customer networks by using powerful custom built: management and monitoring tools, IPS, in-line AV and anti-spyware, URL filtering, and content aware firewalling. Either delivered "in the cloud" or enforced with customer premise equipment, Nuspire provides a comprehensive suite of services focused to meet the needs of organizations with a geographically diverse foot print:

  • Network Management & Security Services: Network | Gateway | SaaS | Wireless | Desktop
  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • State-of-the-Art Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Internet Transport Services
  • Global Onsite Installation, Integration, Break Fix & Warranty
  • Executive Consulting Services | Application & Systems Development | Technical Consulting


Nuspire Networks will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to set up a comprehensive solution, ensuring full-time, Network, Security and Data Asset management, enabling you to focus on your core business. Security as a service has never made more sense.