Report Forrester Report: The 12 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

As cybersecurity threats and tactics continue to evolve, they are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and harmful.

This is especially true now, in the pandemic-driven work from home (WFH) shift. New attack vectors and challenges for network administrators have been created; including VPN usage, home network security issues, personal device usage for business purposes and auditability of network traffic.

Fortunately through most change, opportunity is created. The opportunity today is that many cyberattacks can be prevented. Meaning, organizations that stay abreast of the latest threat intelligence are able to take action to protect their digital perimeter and mitigate risk.

Partnering with a MSSP enables security leaders to share a workload that typically comes under fire from the latest threat, compliance requirement or technology challenge. MSSPs can absorb daily emergencies so organizations can prioritize activities and specializations. Using the right MSSP enables security leaders to leverage a pool of new skills and avoid overtaxing internal teams while filling coverage gaps.

While there are hundreds of MSSPs from which to choose, it is critical to choose a true partner that is the best fit for your organization.

Your MSSP needs to understand your unique business needs, how your team is organized and identify gaps in coverage. Only after understanding your business needs can they then work around the clock to proactively monitor, detect, hunt and mitigate to protect your organization.

Learn more about how your midsize organization can solve chronic cybersecurity challenges by partnering with the right MSSP from this Forrester Report.