Rogue Wireless Detection

A rogue access point, also referred to as rogue AP, is any WiFi access point installed on a network that is not authorized for operation nor is under management of the network administrator. Rogue access points do not often conform to wireless LAN (WLAN) security policies and, additionally, can allow anyone with a Wi-Fi device to connect to a network. These access points are usually created to allow hackers to conduct a man-in-the-middle attack.
Rogue access points pose a security threat to large organizations with many employees. This is due to the ability for anyone with access to the premises to install (maliciously or non-maliciously) an inexpensive wireless router that can potentially allow access by unauthorized parties into a secure network - while avoiding detection for extended periods of time.

Two Main Causes of Rogue AP Threats

1. Employee BYOD policy
2. Customers connecting to the network

When it comes to security, critical networks take priority; those networks over which confidential information such as credit card and social security numbers are being processed and transmitted. When a rogue access point is placed on a network, the security becomes severely compromised.

For the protection of customers, many regulations, including PCI DSS, specifically cite the need for rogue access point scanning as a part of a compliant network security posture. By implementing Nuspire's Rogue Wireless Detection Service, companies exceed regulatory requirements through the offering of detailed wireless access point reporting and potential rogue access point detection on local area networks.

"Relying on wired side scanning tools (e.g. tools that scan suspicious hardware MAC addresses on switches) may identify some unauthorized wireless devices. However, they tend to have high false positive/negative detection rates. Wired network scanning tools that scan for wireless devices often miss cleverly hidden and disguised rogue wireless devices or devices that are connected to isolated network segments. Wired scanning also fails to detect many instances of rogue wireless clients. A rogue wireless client is any device that has a wireless interface that is not intended to be present in the environment."

PCI Security Standards Council
   Information Supplement: PCI DSS Wireless Guideline

The Nuspire Rogue Wireless Detection service provides necessary hardware for detecting threats, a fully-staffed, 24/7/365 SOC with industry-leading security experts, and online reporting and analysis.

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