Managed Backup Service (MBS)

Nuspire's Managed Backup Service (MBS) provides the monitoring and technical services necessary to assure complete data backup, including the monitoring of backups for errors or data selection problems. Configuration of advanced features such as bare-metal backups, MS Exchange and a variety of databases across Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems are fully covered under this service. Assistance with best practices and data retention planning are also included.

Performing data restoration verification should be part of every data backup policy. However, it is frequently forgotten or there is just never enough time. As part of the data recovery solution, Nuspire completes regularly scheduled restores of customer data to verify its integrity alongside the automated CRC checking and data-hash verification processes.

Data can be easily dispersed throughout an organization, and with data recovery services, Nuspire helps track it down and ensure it is part of a backup set. Simple time-saving data, such as Outlook NK2 data (previously emailed autocomplete data) should be part of every user’s backup set. Nuspire's knowledgeable team will regularly review backup data selection to ensure nothing has been missed.

When electing to utilize this service, an organization will experience efficient file backup that costs little in terms of computing power - no matter the size. Trusting a service to handle critical data is vital to a business' success and security. When the need for data recovery occurs, it will be comforting to know there is a dedicated technician available to assist with the entire restore process. It could be as simple as an individual file, a complete server or multiple virtual machines. Nuspire's Managed Backup Service assists through every step necessary to restore the data while minimizing downtime and stress.

Continuity Management

Continuity Management ensures an organization’s ability to continuously provide a predetermined and agreed-upon level of IT service support at minimum business requirements following an interruption to business. This includes:

  • Ensuring business survival by reducing the impact of a disaster or major failure
  • Reducing the vulnerability and risk to the business by effective risk analysis and risk management
  • Preventing the loss of customer and user confidence
  • Producing IT recovery plans that integrate with and fully support the organization’s overall business continuity plan
Managed Backup

Recovery Services for Continuity Management

  • Data recovery utilizes automated and encrypted, full Bare-Metal, offsite system recovery services
  • Data recovery allows for at least a 28-day recovery window and is stored within SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II compliant data centers. To speed restoration times, an additional encrypted local copy of the backups is also in place
  • Data is recoverable to the original host and cloud recovery targets
  • All backup events are reviewed daily for failures or significant changes with prompt, corrective action when necessary
  • Monthly reports summarizing the previous month’s activities are retained for review

Managed Backup Recovery Features

  • Constant data protection
  • Flexible backup schedule
  • In-File delta technology
  • Multi-threaded app
  • 256 AES encryption
  • 256-bit SSL encrypted tunnel
  • Flexible data retention
  • Advanced file filtering
  • Open file backup
  • Seed load and restore
  • Local disk backups
  • Command line scripts