Cybersecurity Designed for Electrical Manufacturing

Connect and automate operations - securely.


Understand the network and secure the Internet of things (IoT)

Know what’s on your network, including OT and IT devices, vulnerabilities and malware


Prevent downtime   

Stay ahead of threat actors and stop them from disrupting operations


Augment your IT team with affordable, managed cybersecurity services

Keep internal IT teams focused on strategic initiatives while Nuspire monitors and responds to cybersecurity threats

As electric manufacturers pursue initiatives to connect and automate operations,
they can unknowingly open the door to threat actors.


Manufacturers’ operations were affected by a cyber incident in the past 12 months.

Major cyber risks included:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Operational disruption
  • Intellectual property theft

Another study identified cybersecurity vulnerabilities, data security and intellectual
property theft as manufacturers’ No. 1 concern.

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Of the 922 recent incidents,


were financially motivated


focused on espionage

Financially Motivated

Like other types of manufacturers, organizations that manufacture electrical equipment,
appliances and electrical components are not immune to cyber threats. Many manufacturing
facilities are not designed with security in mind. And, now that IoT has bridged the gap
between OT and IT, factories and plants are susceptible to a variety of malicious actors and
cybercriminals. Protecting operations is of the utmost importance so manufacturers must
prioritize security and protect critical assets by:

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Gaining network visibility across the IT and OT infrastructure
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Continuously monitoring network activity
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Regularly assessing and prioritizing risk

In order to protect your manufacturing facility, you must know all of the assets in your threat landscape. The best
next step is to understand what threats are specifically targeting the manufacturing industry so you can put
strategies in place to protect your organization. Nuspire’s proprietary threat intelligence tells us that the current
top threats to manufacturers are:


Generally targets computers connected to factory
production lines. Given the cost of a disruption,
manufacturers are likely to pay the asking price.


Directory traversals

Gains access to file systems that store sensitive data or IP
by taking advantage of cybersecurity holes in user-supplied
file names that aren’t validated or sanitized.

Web scanners

Command line programs that scan and find
web pages to exploit.


Cross-site scripting

Targets vulnerable web applications and injects malicious
scripts into web pages for the purpose of stealing data or
getting control of the systems behind the applications.

Remote code execution attempts

Leverage administrator privileges to execute code
remotely via system vulnerabilities. After gaining
administrative access, attackers can reach a server
and all the information on it.


Nuspire analysts track numerous attack methods including spear phishing, insider threats, distributed
denial-of-service (DDoS), cyber spying and adware. Fortunately, there are proven and often easy to implement
remedies to identify and stop determined assailants.

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